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Occupational Health and Safety

"Occupational Health and Safety legislation in all states of Australia requires employers regardless of size to ensure that it's employees and contractors (and employees of the contractor) are provided with a safe working environment. This is achieved by employers ensuring that employees have:

  • Proper and safe plant and substances
  • Systems of work that are safe, and
  • Ensure adequate instruction, training and supervision

This obligation applies to each and every aspect of work to be carried Out by an employee or contractor. Employers must also ensure that Other people (such as your customers, visitors and the general public) Are not endangered by the conduct of your business ( for example, by Providing protection from falling debris around construction sites, Controlling traffic access to your workplace and limiting public access to Your workplace)

Facts show that good health and safety in the workplace is vital to the Success of the business, whether the business is a sole operation or a Business with greater than 50 employees. Yet few businesses are certain Their workplace is safe, even though they have had no injuries or claims.

Work related injury or illness costs employers across Australia millions of Dollars per year. What's more, poor health and safety practises can result In unexpected costs which may effect the profitability or even the future Of a small business. That's why it makes sense to adopt good health and Safety practises as a priority in your workplace.

Employers must also be aware that each state in Australia requires Businesses that engage workers to have Workers Compensation Insurance

(Check the requirements of your local authority by viewing the Link on this Web Site entitled "Health and Safety")

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