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Business associations and groups

Business support is available from a large range of organisations and individuals. However, this sometimes causes problems of confusion by those about to start a business, and business operators tend to go to government agencies as their first ‘port of call’ because it is free.

Research is an important part of starting up any business, and therefore it is important that operators also research what support groups are available and suit their needs.

  • Business Enterprise Centres – a not-for-profit organisation incorporated to offer free advice and support
  • TAFE – many colleges run small business courses to give basic training to operators before commencing a business. Many courses are accredited and can be undertaken part time or via external courses.
  • Industry Associations – these include various Chambers of Commerce and those targeting specific industries eg. Retail Traders Association
  • New Enterprise Incentive Schemes (NEIS) – a federally funded scheme to support unemployed while training them in running a business and supporting them for 12 months.
  • Local Government Business Groups – Many councils have setup Business Groups to nurture and promote business in their area. Networking and Information functions are organised on a regular basis. Contact your local council for details.

There are also private organisations developing to support businesses via networking. Many are gender specific and tend to offer less formal training and support. However the main difference is that the support offered is by fellow business operators who have ‘been there, done that’ and can therefore be very relevant to operators about to commence a business eg.Women’s Financial Network, Micro Business Network

Networking groups
Business Associations and Groups

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